I Am Super Beauty Lip Gloss Serum

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Color:  1#oatmeal smoothie

FLORTTE I Am Super Beauty Lip Gloss Serum creates a plump and luminous lip that is translucent and moisturized, leaving you energized all day long.

• Brand: FLORTTE
• Product Name: FLORTTE I Am Super Beauty Lip Gloss Serum
• Type: Lip Gloss
• Specificities & Efficacy: The product's quadruple water-locking ingredients conceal lip lines and pamper lips, while with a custom curved brush head that fits the curvature of the lips with a splash of hydration; the shine, coverage, and color development are all full marks.
• Usage: Apply an appropriate amount of this product to the lips, use a finger or cotton swab to gently halo the border, and a small amount of multi-measurement in the lips of the superimposed halo, until the desired effect is achieved.
• Remove: Take an appropriate amount of makeup remover, pour it onto a cotton pad, and apply it gently to remove it easily.


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