Double-sided Magic Tape

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Packages:  1 Piece

Double-sided tape - Hang anything. anywhere!   

This adhesive tape double-sided adhesive tape. This item can be used to stick all kinds of objects. on ceilings. windows. walls. cars. etc.

Hang heavy objects securely

Our adhesive tape double-sided adhesive tape is extremely strong and can withstand heavy loads without weakening. Whether you want to hang a picture frame. a shelf or a mirror. our adhesive tape ensures a secure hold without the need to drill holes in the wall.

How to use

1.  Clean surface on which you wish to glue.

2.  Cut it to size  then glue it on.

3.  Peel off the protective film  before use.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Robust and durable

This transparent gel adhesive tape is made of PET. a powerful double-sided adhesive. High elasticity. strong ductility for domestic and industrial gel adhesive tape.

Easy to remove and clean

Double-sided adhesive tape can be removed easily and without leaving marks on the surface. It's also easy to clean. so you can reuse the surface for other purposes.

Our double-sided adhesive tape is an ideal choice for all your gluing tasks. Whether you're at home. in the office or even on the move. our adhesive tape ensures a strong. easy-to-use hold.