SAKER Diamond Sharpening Stone Grit 400/1000

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Are you tired of dull knifes or blades ?What should we do when our knives or tools are losing their sharp edges and dazzling luster?Are you looking for a multi-purpose sharpening stone that can be used with different knives tool types?

  • Our diamond sharpening stone is simple and economical, no need to waste time to soak the sharpening stone, no need to buy extra expensive sharpening oil as lubricant, plus the right amount of water can be sharpened.
  • This knife sharpening stone is widely used, including kitchen knives, garden tools, woodworking tools, outdoor knives, etc.

✅High Efficiency: BNELL Diamond Sharpening Stone (400#/600#/1000#/1200#) is 8 times faster than common whetstone sharpening. We use high-quality micron-sized single crystal diamond to bond to the flat steel surface with nickel, and the honeycomb-shaped concave-convex design ensures the dust generated during the grinding process will not affect the sharpening, thus speeding up the sharpening,save your precious time.

✅Durable: Diamond is the hardest sharpening medium available, the material hardly wears out, the sharpening stone has a long service life, you only need this knife sharpening stone in your home to sharpen knives and tools of any material, Including high-speed steel, carbide, ceramics, etc.

✅Convenient:With normal water stones, you have to soak the stones and wait a long time. But with BNELL diamond stone sharpener, you can start sharpening immediately without any preparation. If you need to sharpen your knife continuously for a long time, you need to sprinkle some water continuously to cool it down and prevent overheating from damaging the blade. After the work, dry the sharpening knife Stone water to prevent rust.

✅Professional: Double-sided honing stone can be used to repair damaged blades, 400#/600# coarse sharpening is used to repair severely dulled blades, and 1000#/1200# fine sharpening is used to re-sharpen the edges and deburr the blade. 

Note: Diamond sharpening stone, the combination of coarse and fine grinding.

Method of use :

Step 1. Place the sharpener on a flat surface.

Step 2. Equipped with an exclusive non-slip base to ensure it is stable. Sharpening angle guides stabilize your knife for optimum sharpening technique.

Step 3. Pour water over the surface of the sharpening stone for use and sharpen in the same way as a normal sharpening stone.

Step 4. Once the knife has been sharpened, wipe with a damp cloth or rinse with water and wipe dry. Clean the surface of the sharpener with a soft bristle brush to keep it clean.

Protect Your Investment & Sharp Result

Since all knives become dull with use, even knives made of the best steel are the same and the initial factory edge only lasts for the first few days or weeks of use, it's important to protect your cutlery investments with the right maintenance tools. A knife's long-term performance depends on how it is resharpened.

We believe everyone needs high-quality, affordable tools. Something they can trust that works well. That's why we insist on making whetstones with traditional craftsmanship.

We are here to change people's lives, we take pride in our products and are dedicated to developing, testing and improving our products. We aim to provide our customers the ultimate 5-stars experience in every touch point with us.