Silicone fruit storage box

I use these to transport small items in my lunch bag. Like an English muffin or a slice of avocado. It saves on use and waste of plastic also
Color::  Lemon

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Introducing the Ultimate Silicone Food Storage Solution! Our Silicone Fruit Preservation Box and Vegetable Sealing Container are the kitchen must-haves you've been searching for. Keep your fridge organized and your favorite foods fresh for longer with these reusable, avocado-friendly storage marvels.

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✅ Keep Food Fresh
✅ Maintain Kitchen Neatness
✅ Reusable and Durable

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📍 Perfect for busy moms, health enthusiasts, and anyone who loves fresh, tasty food.

Easy to Clean:  safe & healthy material and no need to wash by hand With our brush you just need to wash them under the running water and brush them clean.

Material Feature: Reusable, Dishwasher Safe, Food Grade


Category: Plastic wrap

Material: Plastic

Color: Yellow/Red/Brown/Green