The Cash Vault™ (using the Kakeibo method)

$35.00 $50.00 Save 30%
What's Your Goal:  $10K

🚀 Help Your Child Save Their First $10,000!

🌟 Teach Your Child the Value of Saving!

📚 Perfect for Financial Education

🎯 Engaging & Educational

✨ Help your child easily save thousands using the Kakeibo method

The Kakeibo method, originating from Japan, is a psychological budgeting strategy that helps children visualize their goals & physically interact with them, helping them to pay attention to their spending & easily save up large amounts of money

🏅 Psychological hack to guide your child to wealth 

When your child first starts using the Cash Vault, their mind memorizes & acknowledges it. Instead of spending their money, their brain makes it more appealing for them to deposit the funds into the Cash Vault. You’ll be giving your child a priceless gift of financial savviness and future success.